How It Works

  1. Confirm if you are eligible
    • Can you answer yes to the following questions?
      • Do you own your home?
      • Do you have working wireless internet "wi-fi"?
      • Do you have a water heater with a tank (i.e., not a tankless model)
  2. Complete and submit an online request
    • Click here for the online request form.
  3. Be contacted to schedule your installation appointment
    • Once your eligibility is verifed, you'll be contacted to set up an installation appointment at your convenience.
  4. Have all items professionally installed in a single short appointment
    • Our trained professionals use current safety protocols, and aim to make your appointment as brief as possible.
  5. Enjoy your new installed items — and energy savings — right from day one!

The Home Energy Optimization program has authorized technicians from Threshold, a professional installation firm, to complete installments on behalf of the program.